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Zorg en Zekerheid

Zorg en Zekerheid-Six minutes Stories


Along with DAWN Zorg en Zekerheid developed the concept ‘Six Minute Stories’: a series of eight short stories of famous Dutch writers in smartphone size who can be read in six minutes. The idea of this series was based on scientific research that showed that reading has a direct positive influence on stress and therewith on one’s health.

PR strategy

HAGENS selected the famous Dutch writers that match the target group: the millennial.

To generate attention for the launch of the series HAGENS organised “Het Boekjesbal” in collaboration with the existing literary event “Notes of a Dirty Old Man”. During this event some of the writers read to the audience from their own ‘Six Minute Story’.

For the free publicity HAGENS used insights form the different scientific researches that prove that reading has a positive effect on mental health in combination with problems that millennials experience.

For awareness during the entire project, the writers promoted their book on their own social media channels. In addition to generating free publicity we entered into (editorial) partnerships with, amongst others, LindaNieuws.


·      Unique reach of 1.2 million people

·      Free publicity value with a ROI >4

·      Free publicity value: €224.196

·       40.000 new members for our client Zorg en Zekerheid