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What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do Richard van der Laken

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is a platform that uses design as a catalyst of social change. Through international design events, design challenges, online and offline media WDCD reaches international engaged designers and their clients.  By showing important projects, ideas, stimulating discussions and facilitating cooperations, WDCD wants to strike a bow for the potential of creativity. 

What design can do requested HAGENS to develop a PR strategy for WDCD Live Amsterdam, the launch of the Climate Action Challenge, the label WDCD and their brand and media partnerships.

PR strategy

The fundament of the PR-strategy was showing the position of WDCD and the social impact of design to make WDCD accessible for a broader audience. We have done this through free publicity, media partnerships and partnerships with influencers. 


Nationwide and international

·       Free publicity value: € 2565.663

·       ROI factor 69

·       Totaal amount of publications 120

·       Unique reach of 12 million people