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Porsche Uncommon


A Porsche is an extraordinary car for extraordinary people. Driving a Porsche does something to your psyche; it’s a unique and irresistible experience. To scientifically prove this experience, HAGENS along with Achtung! developed the Porsche Uncommon campaign.

PR strategy

A scientific fMRI procedure was performed for the campaign under the direction of professor Victor Lamme of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. For this study, twenty Porsche drivers were thoroughly examined in an MRI scanner. The research showed that driving a Porsche is potentially an addictive stimulant.

Our substantive translation for every media target audience of the research results ensured the relevance of the research and the results for Porsche’s entire target audience.

HAGENS goes way beyond the ‘rolodex.’ They are involved, understand ideas and bring them further. Critical but always constructive. The Porsche brand campaign could not have done without the smart publicity that HAGENS got out of it.
— Mervyn ten Dam, creative director & founder Achtung mcgarrybowen


·       Free publicity value ROI factor > 22

·       Unique reach of 14 million people

Campaign film: Achtung mcgarrybowen