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Let it Grow

Let It Grow


Let it Grow is an innovation platform within the horticultural sector, developed by Royal FloraHolland. The goal is to facilitate entrepreneurs who aim to positively influence urban living with flowers and/or plants, and to guide them in their growth. An important element of this is the Let it Grow Lab, the world’s first incubator for the horticultural sector. HAGENS alongside creative agency Vandejong have been closely involved in Let it Grow’s brand development from the start.

PR strategy

We were responsible for its branding and PR strategy to launch the platform. One of the main aspects was the positioning of Let it Grow ‘instigator’ Silke Tijkotte as a thought leader within horticultural innovation. This resulted in extensive interviews with the national dailies NRC Handelsblad and Financieel Dagblad and the radio station BNR.

In addition to generating free publicity, we entered into (editorial) partnerships with Sprout, One World, Silicon Canals, Motherboard (Vice) and others in order to generate extra awareness of Let it Grow and its incubation program.


·       Free publicity value ROI factor > 14

·       44 % publications of targeted media