HAGENS - Strategisch PR bureau Amsterdam


What Design Can Do

What design can do requested HAGENS to develop a PR strategy for WDCD Live Amsterdam, the launch of the Climate Action Challenge, the label WDCD and thought leadership of Richard van der Laken and partnerships.

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A Porsche is an extraordinary car for extraordinary people. Driving a Porsche does something to your psyche; it’s a unique and irresistable experience. To scientifically prove this experience, HAGENS along with Achtung! developed the Porsche Uncommon campaign.

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Let it grow

Let it Grow is an innovation platform within the horticultural sector, developed by Royal FloraHolland. The goal is to facilitate entrepreneurs who aim to positively influence urban living with flowers and/or plants, and to guide them in their growth. 

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ARTIS-Micropia is the only museum in the world where the invisible world of micro-organisms is made visible. Along with Dawn, HAGENS developed the Microlympics. We were responsible for the development of the PR and media buying strategy.

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guest of de volkskrant

De Volkskrant is the official partner of leading cultural events like theatre festival Parade, Dutch Design Week, IDFA and IFFR. With that in mind, the newspaper asked HAGENS to reach a new, younger audience.

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Dutch National opera & ballet

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet came to be as a merger between the Amsterdam Music Theatre, the National Opera and the Dutch National Ballet. HAGENS was asked to develop the PR strategy and media positioning of this new national institute.

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