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ARTIS launched an audio thriller during the dark winter months. The app, that uses location-based technology, guides visitors through the park through the dark twilight. Reality (calling owls, howling lemurs, howling wolves and rustling pheasants) and fiction (a journalist who disappears without a trace) intertwine.

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The Grand Prestige beer from Hertog Jan is brewed with four different malts and through the long ripening process it develops a taste similar to an old port wine. Since 2017, the Hertog Jan brewers have been developing a one off a kind, exclusive edition of their crown jewel every year. A project where the brewers can experiment, for true enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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Porsche Uncommon campaign met PR door Hagens PR


Porsche is an extraordinary car for extraordinary people. Driving a Porsche does something special to your brain; it is a unique and irresistible experience. To prove this experience scientifically HAGENS developed the Porsche Uncommon campaign together with Achtung!.

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HAGENS is responsible for the PR for Spotify in the Netherlands. In addition to developing and implementing the PR strategy, we follow up the incoming press requests, give a local twist to international campaigns and TURN local listening data from Spotify into newsworthy content for media.

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‘Tastes good, feels good’. That was the pay-off of Optimel's umbrella campaign in 2018. The typical Dutch brand adapted their recipe that year and removed added sugars from all its products. The aim of this campaign was to increase and strengthen the interaction with their target audience.

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gemeente amsterdam

In the Netherlands, 1.3 million people (between 16-67 years old) are functionally illiterate, of which 65% have Dutch as their native language. In Amsterdam, an estimated 100,000 people are functionally illiterate. As a result, many organizations and companies in Amsterdam are dealing with people (employees, patients or customers) who have difficulties with language. That is why the City of Amsterdam has brought the Amsterdam Language Agreement to life.

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Zorg en zekerheid

Research shows that reading fiction for six minutes reduces stress levels by 68%. That is why Zorg en Zekerheid developed 'Six Minutes Stories' together with advertising agency Dawn. In order to stimulate positive health in the Netherlands and to help the insuring company reach milennials better. Each week one of the books was launched, for a period of eight weeks.

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moeder aan de lijn

More than 4.4 million people in our country are caregivers. They are under great pressure every day and the risk of burnout is high within this group. Although there is a lot of attention for this social problem, there was little attention for the caregivers themselves. That is why New Amsterdam Film Company decided to develop "Mom Calling": a documentary and a platform where caregivers can share their experiences, both online and offline.

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Let it Grow lancering met PR door Hagens PR


The brand bundled this tradition combined with attention for quality ingredients, in a beer cookbook, together with 24 Kitchen chef Hugo Kennis. A cookbook with dishes where Leffe beer is used as an ingredient and tips on how you can combine Leffe beer with dishes.

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Rarely more humorous paintings have been made than in the Dutch Golden Age. Naughty children, foolish farmers, silly dandies and drinking brothers, quacks, matchmakers, lazy maids and cheerful ladies - they are portrayed in large numbers in masterpieces from the Golden Age. The exhibition De kunst van het lachen. Humor in de Gouden Eeuw offers an overview of humor in Dutch seventeenth-century paintings for the first time. The exhibition at the Frans Hals Museum with no fewer than 60 different works was a worldwide scoop.

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Gast van de Volkskrant met PR door Hagens PR

The Stigma project

An HIV-infected person who takes medication cannot transmit the virus, can have healthy children and has the same life expectancy as someone without HIV. Yet there is still a stigma around HIV. Photographer Marjolein Annegarn (infected with HIV herself) is challenging this stigma with the project she initiated: The Stigma Project

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The CliniClowns have been bringing joy and wonder to the lives of sick and disabled children and people with dementia for over 25 years. The way they do this, is by making contact and using their imagination. In 2018 CliniClowns bottled that imagination in bottles called "WonderWater", to make sure everyone can experience the power of imagination.

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